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City of Seattle's Step Forward

Step Forward logo

This event celebrated the grand opening of the SR 99 tunnel. The tunnel travels below Seattle's downtown and was the voter-approved option to replace the dilapidated Alaskan Way Viaduct.

The logo needed to highlight the opening of the tunnel, say farewell to the viaduct, and celebrate future improvements to Seattle's waterfront. The top half of the logo represents the circular tunnel, while the bottom is the rectangular viaduct. When combined they form a portal to "Step Forward" into the future. The gradients of color help lead the eye into the logo's center. Photography focuses on the multiplicity of the project, showing the tunnel, viaduct, and waterfront.


With 10+ years and billions of dollars spent to build the SR 99 tunnel, there was a high demand from stakeholders and politicians to show off the completed project. This meant many different opinions shaping the brand. There were several rounds of logo concepts that didn't satisfy all parties. In the end, stripping the creative brief to its essentials (representing the tunnel, viaduct, and future) led to a solution everyone could agree on.


Each of the 3 entrances to the event were branded to emphasize the present, past, and future concept and help delineate each major project the event was celebrating.



Throughout the length of the tunnel, were placed a series of posters I designed to act as a self-guided tour. Each stop corresponds to the cross streets found above ground giving guests an idea of where they were in relation to familiar places and providing information about the tunnel project and Seattle's history.

On top of the viaduct was a festival with informative booths, vendors, performers, and music. The event was a great success with over 100,000 people attending.


event badges; guest, visitor, crew, media, speaker


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