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Rendezvous Bar & Venue

I redesigned the Rendezvous website to improve the user's experience of finding shows and to make the site feel fun, youthful, and modern.


Bright colors, fun typography, and photos of people enjoying themselves in the space are featured instead of images of empty spaces. Shows are individually highlighted instead of on a homepage calendar that was empty for most of the week.


Most of the traffic to the site is through mobile, so the site was designed to be responsive and prioritize mobile viewing.


Each rentable space is featured giving more information about each, including tech specs and direct booking. This also gives a better sense of the large size of the venue.  


Shows are listed by date for easy perusal. This format also works best on mobile. Users now have the ability to buy tickets from this page. 


Employees needed to rotate the menus often so this page was kept straight-forward to make updates as easy as possible. 

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