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The above motion graphic was featured on video screens at local branches and online.

social media design

Washington State Employees Credit Union serves Washington residents' financial needs. I was brought on to implement their brand refresh for print and web. I designed static and motion assets for their website and social media. In addition, I designed on-location marketing materials, such as posters, banners, and signage.

Social media content was made intentionally more fun in tone. The design was used across posts and stories to build user recognition. Additional versions of the content for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and animated stories were posted throughout the year as reminders with different colors and images to keep it fresh. 

Branch posters advertising home loans.

Window clings for the Downtown and Lacey branches.

25 foot vertical banner, displayed at drive-thrus, and blotter placed at teller desks in all branches. 

Postcard design
postcard design

Social media content for the Chehalis branch move.


Marketing campaign for the relocation of the Chehalis branch. Targeted materials were deployed at various customer touchpoints. Emphasis was placed on the word 'move' to make it clear that the old branch would be closing with the new location opening.

Left, a 25 ft vertical banner and poster placed at the old branch location.

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