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Waterfront Seattle is a multi-year program containing 12 projects that will rebuild Seattle’s waterfront following the removal of the Alaskan Way Viaduct. Showcased here are a brand refresh, website design, and open house event advertising from my 4 years as lead designer on the program. All have the purpose of building project awareness and disseminating construction information.

A contemporary color palette and distinctive symbols are used to stand out against the grey concrete currently on the waterfront, giving posters, banners, and wayfinding excellent contrast. Bright, cheerful renderings are a positive look at the new parks and amenities Seattleites and visitors will be able to enjoy in the future.


For the new website, a whole new user experience approach was needed to organize 7 years worth of project content to date, as well as new construction updated for all projects. By using analytics and  human-centered design practices, I created a site that makes finding key information faster and easier.

New Features:

  • Homepages in Seattle's 11 most common languages for greater inclusion.

  • Quick links on homepage for finding important information fast. 

  • Standardized project pages giving quick progress overviews and details.

  • A construction hub for easy updates based on waterfront location.