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Science For Everyone


STEAM—science, technology, engineering, art, and math—is for everyone. The goals for this exhibit at the Pacific Science Center were to represent many diverse people, allow visitors to add their input, and make the space feel active, bright, and inviting. The biggest challenge was integrating new material with existing construction. Uneven, wood-slatted walls with large gaps throughout meant design elements, especially text, had to be positioned carefully. My solution was designing a modular system of hexes whose positioning could be adjusted to avoid these gaps and feel playful and engaging. The intention of the title walls being black is to allow these brightly colored, informational hexes to stand out at large distances. In addition, art as it relates to science and technology is represented here by incorporating a digitally rendered pattern. 


Icons represent each discipline, reflecting current advancements in each field. For example, the science icon focuses on molecular research, engineering on green technology, and art on digital applications. Diversity is on display with statues of women in STEM, video interviews, and infographics highlighting gender and race imbalances in education and careers. Visitors are asked to engage with the exhibit on a large whiteboard asking “How do you use STEM?” and with blue blocks, imprinted with inspirational words, to build your STEM identity.

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