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Lively is a concept conceived by musicians to connect artists and listeners and bypass large corporate entities that act as middlemen for selling show tickets, band merchandise, and streaming music.

Play, buy, &
download music


Find concerts &

Buy tickets


Follow favorite artists

& buy merchandise

Find, Play, & Download Music

Static navigation allows users to quickly go to music, concerts, their profile, or a global search.

Track Concerts & Buy Tickets

Search for concerts, save favorites, calendar reminders, & show ticket purchases.

Buy Directly From Artists

Robust artist pages allow for easy access discography, tour dates, available merchandise, and album credits.

Save & Organize Content

The profile is where the user's personally curated collection of digital content, including music, concerts, and releases lives. The bold, background color gradient serves as a visual cue for personally curated content versus the database search.



The initial wireframe takes inspiration from music streaming and concert apps, the idea being that users will come in with some existing familiarity in navigating a music app. The key distinction is in combining services and easy navigation following the user's journey of listening to a song, finding a concert, buying tickets, and buying artist merchandise.

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