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Seattle Indies is an organization supporting independent game developers. They host game jams in Seattle where developers, artists, and composers gather to collaborate to build a video game demo around a common theme in the limited span of a weekend.


This game jam was being held online so I took the idea of a video conference call and made it fun with a retro-futuristic vibe that communicates connection.


Custom end of year thank you message for subscribers to the Seattle Indies Patreon.

Initial Sketch

Alternative Concept

Alternative Colors


The organizers of this game jam wanted to theme it around COVID-19 as the jam was to be held online only for the first time due to the pandemic. To play off the name, Jamming the Curve, I incorporated a representation of the curve of cases and the ideal flattened curve that games like these are advocating. The curves along with the shape of the virus create a simple, clear message.

T-Shirt MockUp_01.png

The Games for Our Future jam focuses on topics relating to the future of humankind. This event's theme was mental effects from the climate change crisis. I used the orange and green in the existing logo to reinforce the new brand as this was the first Games for Our Future event.


My approach with this design was to capture the idea of limited time and game creating. Here the sand of the hourglass literally turns into game pieces inspired by the game Tetris.

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