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Oregon State Parks

Oregon State Parks sought to create a cohesive collection of badge-style visuals to sell at each state park in Oregon. The goal was to depict the essence of each park's unique personality and amenities in the illustrations. Illustration style, overall shape, and typography are inspired by traditional U.S. national park posters. A limited color palette helped create visual cohesion, reference Chester Don Powell's classic national park posters, and reduce costs when translating to merchandise. 

Cape Meares' lighthouse is its star, so it was important to portray it accurately while simplifying it. Nods to the local windswept pine trees and peregrine falcon population complete the scene.


Vista House is an art deco scenic observatory with dramatic views. Incorporating a sense of the scale of that view as well as the famous building building was key for this illustration. The badges use different overall shapes for variety within the collection. 


Visitors to Detroit Lake partake in many summer activities, but the number one pastime there is fishing. Mount Hood in the background creates a triangle composition that echos the badge shape. More turquoise tones were used to mimic the color of the lake and help differentiate it from other nature scenes.


Incorporating sandy shores, outdoor activities, and the vibrant pink of the local flora tied this badge to its location. I used dark brown strategically with light colors to create visual a foreground and background in the illustration.


The direction for this badge was clear, feature the humpback whale. It was important for the primary focus to be the whale, so the person viewing the whale needed to fade into the background while still using coloring contrasting enough to stand out against the water.

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